The right mindset in a creative process

日期:May 10, 2017 11:25 AM

Growing up I thought creativity is in the arts and craft taught in school, in our play and as adults, it is in the 'fun' things we choose to do.  After running my bespoke business for eight years and being a mom to a two and a half year old, I realized that creativity is needed in everything we do.  It's easy to understand creativity is in what I do because I'm a fashion designer, but what some people forget is that the same mindset is needed in putting together business strategies, talking to people, motivating a team and finding ways to understand our ever changing clientele.  We are constantly solving problems every day, and we can learn from them if we see every chance as a creative opportunity. 

In a fast pace city like Hong Kong, we are evaluating risk and worth in our everyday decisions.  'Creativity' is often viewed as a concept with higher risk.  What is it about this word that brings hesitation into our minds and is naturally put aside, after prioritizing everything else on our to-do list.  When we cannot have control over the outcome, we start to fear it will result in an unsuccessful experience.  It then begs the question, 'If we are fearful in taking risk, then will we ever gain more from what we already have or know about ourselves?'

"Risk is required in order to learn more about our capabilities and in growing."

We can promise you the world, but we shouldn’t.  As a bespoke designer, I create something from scratch and therefore it really can be inspired by all sorts of ideas that dash in and out of our minds.  I want to encourage you to ask for more than just compiling ideas when it comes to creating a dress, we can use this opportunity to understand more about ourselves. What are our likes and dislikes? What makes us feel the most comfortable to be ourselves? How do we best illustrate who we are in a design that connects us to the people around us?

"Bespoke is not just putting ideas we have together, it is a way to express who we are in a design."

The people creating each specialty piece finds inspiration from encountering each individual they meet.  This is also what gives bespoke dresses life.  When you wear it, not only can others see how it is a part of who you are, they can also see the journey it has been with you in creating it.  One of the most creative aspects of what I do as a designer is understanding people, her comfort zone, body proportions and how to connect to people through clothing. 

"Bespoke is not just a product, it is an experience."

There is risk in a lot of things we do, but overtime we accept the risk because it becomes a normal routine. For example, having our haircut requires acceptance of a risk.  Once we sit down in the chair and have formed a direction with our stylist, it's up to them to choose which strand of hair to cut.  We trust our stylist's judgment and we respect each stylist has their own sense of style and way of working.

"It is our job to eliminate the risk in creating a gown for you, but it is up to you to choose the right mindset."

Creativity is never limited; it opens up your mind.